Echo’s Story – How Living With Narcissism Affects You

In my previous blog post, I wrote about the story of Narcissus and Echo to give you clues as to whether you are living with someone with a narcissistic personality.  If you didn’t read that click here to check it out.  That post was about understanding the modern day Narcissus.

Now it’s Echo’s turn.

Man Looking In Three Way Mirror - Is My Partner A Narcissist - The Dance Between Narcissus and Echo - Sandra Harewood Counselling

Is My Partner A Narcissist – The Dance Between Narcissus and Echo

If you’re in a relationship and notice that you have lost your voice, your spirit, feel overlooked, lonely, and that your needs are not important, this classic story might feel painfully familiar. 

Two Red Paper Hearts On A Clothes Line - 20 Love Quotes That Express The True Meaning Of Love - Sandra Harewood Counselling

20 Love Quotes That Express The True Meaning Of Love

There are only a couple more days until Valentine’s Day.

So to get into the spirit of the day, I’m sharing thoughts and sayings about love. These are from people who I think you’ll find have something interesting to say about this thing called love.

Glass Jewellery Box With Jewels - How To Invest In Yourself & Why Your Not Doing It - Sandra Harewood Counselling-2

How To Invest In Yourself & Why You’re Not Doing It

If you’ve been thinking about having counselling but haven’t booked a session yet, what’s getting in your way?

Making the decision to start is a hard one.  People usually think about beginning counselling when they’re hurt or struggling with painful feelings.  The thought of sharing those feelings with a stranger can feel scary.  Before you know it, the days and weeks have passed, you’re feeling a little better and besides you’re too busy now anyway.

Woman holding a sparkler on a cold winter day - 3 Quotes For The New Year To Achieve The 2018 You Want - Sandra Harewood Counselling

3 Quotes For The New Year To Achieve The 2018 You Want

Welcome to the New Year and a new chapter in your life!

What are you hoping for in 2018 that would be your opening line?

Two joyful friends having fun in the snow during on a cold winter's day. Christmas can be stressful so it's important to spend some time to relax and take care. This post shows you one great way how to Stay Relaxed At Christmas Sandra Harewood Counselling

One Great Way To Stay Relaxed At Christmas

This time of year can feel full on and hectic. There seems to be a never-ending list of demands to try and meet the needs of other people. It can feel too much.

And that’s not to mention the shopping, planning, cooking, entertaining, wrapping, cards, family and potential worries about money.