Woman holding a sparkler on a cold winter day - 3 Quotes For The New Year To Achieve The 2018 You Want - Sandra Harewood Counselling

3 Quotes For The New Year To Achieve The 2018 You Want

Welcome to the New Year and a new chapter in your life! What are you hoping for in 2018 that would be your opening line?
Two joyful friends having fun in the snow during on a cold winter's day. Christmas can be stressful so it's important to spend some time to relax and take care. This post shows you one great way how to Stay Relaxed At Christmas Sandra Harewood Counselling

One Great Way To Stay Relaxed At Christmas

This time of year can feel full on and hectic. There seems to be a never-ending list of demands to try and meet the needs of other people. It can feel too much. And that's not to mention the shopping, planning, cooking, entertaining, wrapping, cards, family and potential worries about money.
Woman with her arm outstretched with the word written on her hand. The Surprising Ways You Hide Your Anger. Anger is a natural human emotion, which many people push down and hide, but it seeps out anyway. This post will let you know how and why anger feels so difficult.

The Surprising Ways You Hide Your Anger

I don't think anyone likes to be angry. I'd hazard a guess and say that most people are scared of anger, whether it's being angry or facing someone else's angry emotions and actions.  They just don't like it.  One reason is that anger makes you feel vulnerable.  At other times it evokes feelings of guilt and shame impacting your sense of self and self-esteem. And anger can feel like a dangerous thing.  That's because it can be.  
A Holiday Teddy Bear on A Stool - How To Survive Christmas And Reduce Your Christmas Anxiety - Christmas isn't a happy time for everyone. You might feel stamped if you feel a little low without quite understanding why. This post will give you some tips on how to feel less anxious and take care of yourself.

How To Survive Christmas And Reduce Your Christmas Anxiety

Christmas isn't fun for everyone. There are many reasons why you might not be looking forward to it.  
Stacked Stones - Mindfulness Meditation - Easy Ways To Be Mindful - Sandra Harewood Counselling

7 Easy Ways To Be Mindful Daily Without Meditating

Last time I wrote about 7 Ways Why Mindfulness Can Make You A Better Lover.  If you missed part one of the series of click here to read that now. Mindfulness is a wonderful meditation practice which helps integrate your mind, body and soul. What you cultivate with mindfulness is  'presence'.  You become aware of what is happening as it is happening.  And what's amazing about that, is your brain and body become more connected with other peoples.
A Woman Meditating Outdoors -7 Ways Mindfulness Can Make You A Better Lover Sandra Harewood Counselling

7 Ways Mindfulness Can Make You A Better Lover

Hard to imagine that sitting quietly and focusing on the breath for as little as 20 minutes a day can improve your love life. But hear me out, practising mindfulness can help make you a better lover and life partner.
Woman wearing peace and quiet t-shirt - National Quiet Day - What Silence Can Teach You About Intimacy - Sandra Harewood Counselling

National Quiet Day - What Silence Can Teach You About Intimacy

Shh.  It's National Quiet Day. It's getting more and more difficult to create a space for solitude and silence.  The noise it seems is an inevitable part of our day. And I'm not even sure if, collectively as a society, we know how to experience peace and quiet anymore. London has the highest levels of noise in the UK.  Living in London, I guess I've got used to the noise.  Traffic, emergency vehicles, people chatting loudly on mobile phones, barking dogs and car alarms are familiar and all rate highly as annoying to adults in the UK. But the noise doesn't have to be loud.
Let's Talk Note in Blue Speech Bubble on Wooden Surface - Your First Counselling Session - Sandra Harewood Counselling

Worried About Your First Counselling Session? Here's How to Prepare

As I sit here trying to figure out what to say, coming to mind are the complicated feelings connected with doing something new for the first time; beginnings. For many, it’s half way through the school summer holidays which leads me to think about the new beginnings that will follow. Children embarking into adolescence at secondary school, adolescents exploring newfound independence at university or in the workplace. And similarly, but in a different way, parents releasing their five-year-olds into the world for the first time to begin primary school. There is excitement, anticipation, hope and pleasure. But what lies not too far away, on the opposite side of the coin is fear, anxiety, disappointment, sadness, confusion and muddle.
ndigenous American Dream Catchers Blowing in the Wind – 5 Ways Imaginative Ways to Remember Your Dreams – Sandra Harewood Counselling

5 Imaginative Ways to Remember Your Dreams

What did you dream about last night? Can you remember? Somehow the incredibly vivid images that we remember when we first wake seem to disappear by the time we have eaten breakfast. Ever since I was a small child I have always been fascinated with my dreams. I can remember sharing the stories with classmates in the playground who actually weren’t that interested as they just wanted to play. And actually, like play, dreams are just another way that we engage with the imagination.
Dark Clouds - How Do I Know If I Have Depression - Sandra Harewood Counselling

How Do I Know If I Have Depression?

Whether you call if The Dark Night of the Soul, The Wild Moods or The Black Dog, depression is something that casts a dark shadow over life. A shadow that maddeningly conceals a vibrancy and aliveness that now alludes you. There’s are sense that you’re a shadow of your former self; the good times have all past, there’s nothing left for the present and you can’t envision a future. And you’re not alone.