Three female friends together forming love hearts with hands. Friendship and happiness help to improve self care. Here's How To Improve Your Self-Care Practice Today-Sandra Harewood Counselling

Here’s How To Improve Your Self-Care Practice Today

How do you nourish your body and mind and improve your self-care?

Self-care has never been more critical for everyone.

And yes, that includes you! Read more

Single Leather High Back Arm Chair With Mustard Cushion In Room - What A Therapist Wants You To Know About Starting Therapy - Sandra Harewood Counselling

What A Therapist Wants You To Know About Starting Therapy


April is Stress Awareness Month.

In 2020 because of COVID-19, it certainly has a different, more potent resonance. The entire world, it would seem, is struggling to come to terms with Coronavirus. And the world is talking about mental health and the stress of living with this virus. Read more

A Woman's Barefoot On Grass - 10 Simple Ways To Feel Calm And Grounded - Sandra Harewood Counselling

10 Simple Ways To Feel Calm And Grounded

As human beings, we are wired for survival.

The body is designed to respond to stressful situations and then return to its normal baseline when the danger has passed.

Our bodies are amazing! Read more

Autumn Leaf With Word Thanks On Top - Make Gratitude Your New Year's Resolution for 2019

31 Journal Prompts For When Gratitude Is Hard

Gratitude doesn’t change the scenery. It merely washes clean the glass you look through so you can clearly see the colours. Richelle E. Goodrich

2019 didn’t start the way I planned.  It was certainly difficult to see any colour other than grey.

Gratitude doesn’t seem to fit with pain, suffering and fear. Read more

A woman wearing red gloves holding a gift wrapped in brown paper - 5 Great Gifts To Give Yourself This Christmas - Sandra Harewood Counselling

5 Great Gifts To Give Yourself This Christmas


It’s always nice to receive a gift, especially when it’s a surprise.

A well-chosen gift can let you know that you have been genuinely heard and profoundly understood. A passing remark picked up on, or a glance in a shop window noticed. Perhaps the giver has been generous with their time and energy letting you know how much you are cared for.

Read more

Black Woman Holding Her Head In Her Hands -What A Blue Fish Tells You About Your Anxiety - Sandra Harewood Counselling

How To Tell If Your Relationship Is Causing Your Anxiety


If the story of your relationship (maybe it feels more like a drama) is punctuated with problematic narcissistic behaviours sadly, anxiety will likely also play a part. Read more

Butterfly on a woman's finger - Scared of Being Vulnerable? Here's the Truth-Sandra-Harewood-Counselling

Scared of Being Vulnerable? Here’s the Truth


Right now, as I struggle to find what I want to be the ‘right’ words for this blog post, I’m feeling pretty vulnerable.  That’s because, there’s a part of me that knows if I don’t find the right words, and write the perfect post, I will hear familiar voices in my head.

“Is that correct grammar?  I’m not sure. Yeah, it is, it’s fine. Uhm, maybe I should find a copywriter.  But, what will they think?”

“Okay Sandra, don’t publish it.  Don’t let anyone see it.  Don’t let anyone see you!”

This is my encounter with vulnerability; feeling shy, hesitant and exposed. Read more

A sad man sitting against a wall - The Critical Voice of Toxic Shame And How To Silence It- Sandra Harewood Counselling

The Critical Voice of Toxic Shame And How To Silence It


I really admire the work of Brené Brown.  If you’re not familiar with Brené, as well as being one of the world’s leading researchers on the subjects of shame and vulnerability, she is a wonderfully compelling storyteller. Brené Brown talks about difficult topics in a very soulful, humorous and graceful way. Read more

Woman holding a sparkler on a cold winter day - 3 Quotes For The New Year To Achieve The 2018 You Want - Sandra Harewood Counselling

3 Quotes For The New Year To Achieve The 2018 You Want


Welcome to the New Year and a new chapter in your life!

What are you hoping for in 2018 that would be your opening line?

I know for some that ‘hope’ is a tricky word as it challenges you to permit yourself to have desires, wild dreams and wishes.  And much more than that, to know that the possibilities you would love to experience in life can manifest.  You know you want something to happen, but you don’t claim the possibility that it will.

So if hope is challenging for you, and even if it isn’t, here are three great inspirational quotes for the New Year to connect you with what is within your gift to make possible. They’ll get you thinking about what you can take control of in your life, to create an experience which fully harnesses’ all of you in 2018.  Read more

Two joyful friends having fun in the snow during on a cold winter's day. Christmas can be stressful so it's important to spend some time to relax and take care. This post shows you one great way how to Stay Relaxed At Christmas Sandra Harewood Counselling

One Great Way To Stay Relaxed At Christmas


This time of year can feel full on and hectic. There seems to be a never-ending list of demands to try and meet the needs of other people. It can feel too much.

And that’s not to mention the shopping, planning, cooking, entertaining, wrapping, cards, family and potential worries about money.  Read more