Is This Your Relationship?

Your busy lifestyle often leaves you wondering why your relationship doesn’t have the same spark as it had at the beginning.  Communication between you and your partner has deteriorated.   You know that time and work demands are contributing, and yet you feel helpless to do anything different. Maybe after having children the energy and loving attention you once had for each other has dwindled.  Over time you have noticed feeling disconnected, distant and angry.  Conflicts are either avoided or regularly blow up out of apparently out of nowhere.

If this sounds familiar it’s a strong sign that your relationship needs attention and nurturing.

Relationships Matter

Relationships and connections with others are important.

Connection, along with love and belonging (two expressions of connection), is why we are here, and it is what gives us purpose and meaning in our lives. Brené Brown

Close relationships provide us with some of life’s greatest happiness and satisfaction.  However, if you’re experiencing difficulty in your relationship, it can be an excruciatingly confusing time.

The reality is that all couples struggle at one time or another. Difficulties in marriage and long term relationships are common.  When the romantic phase ends, disillusionment follows.  It’s only natural that you experience these challenges. By taking the courageous step to lean into this, the possibility for your relationship is a deeper sense of union and connection.

Couples Counselling Could Support You if:

  • Drifting apart and feeling disconnected
  • Experiencing betrayal, an affair or issues relating to jealousy
  • Constantly bickering, arguing or fighting
  • Experiencing difficulties with sexual intimacy and/or emotional closeness
  • Struggling to communicate effectively about important issues
  • Having disagreements over parenting and how to raise your children.
  • Dealing with infertility

How I Work With Your Relationship

Your relationship is co-created by you and your partner.  It’s the mysterious Third Body that needs loving attention and cherishing, just as you would any other living thing to keep it alive.

As well as looking at your current difficulties, individual histories and experiences, we also look at the story and experiences of the relationship.  In doing so you can look beyond the present day problems to see what deeper needs the relationship has and is drawing your attention to. Attending to family stories and past intimate relationships gives important insight into differences in communication styles, values and even what being in a loving relationship means.

Relationships go through phases which are marked by transitions and change.  With change comes endings.  This doesn’t necessarily mean a breakup.  But what it does mean, is coming into relationship with what is different.  With this loss comes grief and counselling provides a space to express the sadness and anger that comes with that as well exploring what next.

Couples counselling can help you to:

  • Understand the issues underlying your current difficulties and disagreements
  • Develop strong empathy and listening skills
  • Gain awareness of the relationship patterns you have developed
  • Improve communication skills so that you can really understand each other
  • Recognise and appreciate each other’s differences
  • Learn how to express your needs
  • Learn how to open up to new levels of sexual and emotional intimacy with each other
  • Increase your capacity to tolerate and manage difficult conversations.

Nourishing Your Relationship

When I work with people on nourishing their relationships, I ask them what they are consciously doing to nurture their love relationship. This doesn’t require a lot of time but does require consistency. They might be small acts of kindness, intimacy and respect. It is the quality of the connections that people make with one another that contributes to filling the relationship with juice.

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