Let’s work together – Helping you emerge from relationship trauma

Soul Centred Counselling For Women

If you’re feeling anxious or depressed. Or maybe relying on unhealthy habits to survive, you can feel better.  Develop a toolbox for coping and find the deeper meaning of your struggles.

Relational Trauma

While you want your relationship to work, you feel trapped.  After all success, age, wealth or education, don’t protect you from heartache.  Reconnect with your authentic inner wisdom and strengths.

Couples Counselling

Finally, decode what you are really saying to each other.  Couple counselling for couples committed to making change and to have a healthy adult relationship.


Something doesn’t feel right, and it hasn’t for a while

You wanted this relationship to work. You thought you found your soul mate, someone who was attentive and wanted the same things you did.  

Now you’re not sure.

Something has changed.

You drop hints to friends and family because other people’s opinion matters to you. Some think you’re the perfect couple, and others can’t understand why you stay.  

In the meantime, while you try to figure things out, familiar voices kick in.

  • Guilt keeps you, people-pleasing
  • Anxiety stops you breathing because you’re treading on eggshells
  • Shame tells you that you’re a terrible person to feel angry
  • Enjoyable sex is for people who live on planet Jupiter
  • Your Inner Critic listens to any judgement or blame
  • Perfectionism means you try harder
  • Confusion makes it hard to concentrate and believe in yourself.

You’re unsure whether your partner is controlling, and your feelings respond to coercive and controlling behaviour.

After so long, and now you are in midlife, you’re unsure whether you should stay or leave.

What if you have more control and agency than you think?


  • Mind

    PTSD, Complex PTSD, dissociation, hypervigilance, impaired memory and decision making, loss of concentration and focus, cognitive dissonance, anxiety and depression.

  • Body

    Chronic pain, sleep disorders, hypertension, digestive problems, eating disorders, sexual inhibition, chronic fatigue and suicidal thoughts.

  • Soul

    Hopelessness, isolation, loss of identity, poor self-esteem, sadness, grief, shame, busyness and addiction.

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Sandra Harewood Counsellor providing counselling for couples and individuals in South East London

I’m an experienced UKCP, and BACP registered counsellor deeply committed to supporting the well-being of women in London and beyond. At present, I work 100% online.

Our relationships are vital. Relationships with partners displaying controlling behaviours are confusing and unhealthy. I support my clients to understand what is going on. That involves understanding your own relationship beliefs, history and trauma that shapes your expectations and co-creates your experience. 

The counselling and coaching I offer will help you recover from the impact of emotionally depleting relationships. In due time you’ll rediscover your authentic essence and soul. With a new sense of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness comes the opening of new possibilities. At the same time, I support you to navigate the more complex feelings, such as anger, grief and loss.

With patience and compassion, as you develop a new awareness and the tools you require to navigate your unique journey, you can craft the life you envision for yourself.

Ultimately it’s an honour and a privilege to do this work. I look forward to being of support to you.

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