Is This You?

You know that something doesn’t feel right.  Perhaps you find yourself feeling uneasy and unfulfilled. Maybe even depressed or anxious, and you can’t quite figure out why. What others don’t realise is that although outwardly your life may look great, inside you don’t feel that way.

And, it’s completely normal for people in your situation just to get on with it, not wanting to feel that you’re boring anyone or being petty. You may even feel like you don’t have the right to say anything because you ‘should’ be grateful for all the things that are going right in your life.

Maybe you’ve tried blogging and found that reading, posting and replying to other people’s stories helps. Or you might read self-help books, some of which are extremely powerful.  But unfortunately what’s often missing is the other person to witness and validate your journey. Being resilient and soldiering on may have helped you in the past, but the root of the problem and the painful symptoms remain.

Our past often shows up in the present. Depression, anxiety, lack of self-esteem and difficulty with sustaining meaningful and intimate relationships may all stem from wounding in our formative years.

Your Counselling Sessions

Your counselling sessions with me will provide you with a non-judgmental, safe and supportive space to explore your inner and outer life, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  The skills you will learn in counselling will help you to make meaningful long lasting changes and set you up for living the life you want.

You will guide the counselling sessions in a way that feels right for you. I will provide insight, understanding, and possibly new perspectives in order to help you cope with overwhelming thoughts or emotions.

I provide short-term counselling for specific issues and medium to long-term depth counselling for longstanding, deep-rooted problems.  You may simply want to come to me for counselling not because you have a problem but because you want to get to know yourself better and develop a deeper, soulful and more meaningful life.

Healing Through Counselling

Counselling can help you explore, work through and heal the following areas:

  • Bereavement, loss and grief
  • Dissatisfaction in quality of life
  • Self Awareness
  • Anger management
  • Depression, low mood, feeling stuck
  • Low Self-esteem, low Self-confidence
  • Life transitions including divorce, mid-life
  • Childhood trauma
  • Shame
  • Work related difficulties. Work Life Balance
  • Self-help / Personal growth
  • Dissatisfaction in quality of relationships
  • Self-acceptance
  • Intense emotions and feelings
  • Communication problems
  • Infertility, affairs and betrayals
  • Sexuality
  • Finding, value and purpose in life
  • Mindfulness
  • Cultural / Racial / Religious Related Issues

You can expect to feel safe, supported and accepted in our sessions, while you create the necessary confidence in your authentic self.  I help you explore your true self, while tackling the things that may hold you back from securing close relationships with others around you.

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