There are many common myths about counselling and therapy.  Here are some commonly asked questions about counselling and how I work at Sandra Harewood Counselling.

I offer a free 15-minute telephone consultation. This is a time for you to let me know what difficulties and challenges you are facing and reflect on where you would like to be in the weeks, months or years ahead. I will let you know how I can help. You can then decide if you wish to make an appointment for a full counselling session. If I feel my services are not a good fit for you then I’ll let you know and offer alternative suggestions.

I know that confidentiality and your privacy are important to you. I also consider these important. All counselling sessions are treated as confidential. I work in line with the BACP Ethical Framework, current legal guidance and professional best practice.

Sessions are 50 minutes in length for individuals and 60 minutes for couples.

People come to counselling for different reasons.  How many sessions you need really depends on what you have come to counselling for.  This is different for each individual or couple.  I offer both short term and long term sessions.  In any event, I would suggest a minimum of six sessions initially so that we can assess what is right for you.

In order to provide a framework for the work, once agreed we will meet on the same day at the same time each week.  Missed or cancelled sessions are charged in full.

Quite the opposite.  It means that you are open to coping with your feelings.  That takes a lot of courage. No one has a life without struggle and I believe people who seek counselling services as courageous people.  This because they are willing to acknowledge their own pain, are committed to an often uncomfortable process and have the motivation to work through it to grow.

I do not offer advice.  I work to help you help yourself so that you make the choices and decisions that are right for you.  I may make collaborative interventions, but the process to fulfilling your goals is not about getting quick advice from me. The process of therapy (individual or couples) is not a quick fix and everyone’s process is different.

No.  I have comfortable chairs and sofa’s for you to sit on.

Subject to availability, you can decide whether you wish to work with me in West Norwood or Beckenham. Both locations are served well by public transport. Once agreed the sessions will take place at the same location each week.

When we agree to work together,  I reserve the same slot for you each week. This means that I cannot see anyone else.  I, therefore, charge for all missed or cancelled sessions.  My cancellation policy applies to holidays, work commitments, illness and other emergencies. My terms and conditions (including cancellation policy) will be given to you before to your first appointment.

Yes.  The relationship is at the centre of couples counselling and therefore essential that both parts of the couple attend.

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