Introducing a 6-month coaching program tailored for high-achieving, soul-centred women navigating the challenges of unhappy and disconnected marriages. Gain the clarity and confidence needed to either revitalise your most profound relationship or move forward without guilt. Your journey to transformation starts here.


This life-changing, life-altering decision is never made in haste, and neither should it be made in haste. In this 12 week programme, let me guide you in making such an impactful decision for your life with clarity and confidence.

Far too often, in the busyness of daily life, I see women lose touch with themselves. As a result, when it comes to making choices within their marriage, they feel stuck. We can’t truly make authentic and liberated choices when we’re not self-connected.

I support women by renewing their connection with themselves, helping them make heart-centred marriage decisions with clarity and confidence to live a life of choice, abundance and freedom from doubt and indecision.


  • You’re looking for someone to give you the tools to be your partner’s therapist so that they can change.
  • You believe life isn’t fair, and your unhappiness is bad luck or fate.
  • You want someone else to decide on divorce for you and join your list of advisors alongside your mum, siblings and friends.
  • You think all you need to do is read more about, understand and talk about narcissism and codependency.
  • You really need psychotherapy to process unresolved abuse, trauma or attachment issues.
  • You’re looking for someone with a magic wand…..just so that you know I don’t have one!


  • You’ve been considering divorce but are struggling with the decision, feeling torn.
  • You’re continually dreaming of escaping your daily life and responsibilities because you’ve been agonising over whether to leave your marriage for so long that you’re bored with your thoughts, the drama, frustration and overwhelm.
  • You make decisions every day concerning your children and your career, but a decision about divorce leaves you frozen.
  • You’re ready to step into the power of your inner wisdom and discover the freedom of letting go of guilt, fear and regret.
  • You’re ready to integrate your mind, body, heart and soul into making a decision deeply aligned with your inner truth and listen to the still small voice buried deep inside of you that already has the answers,
  • You’ve wished for deeper intimacy in the relationship, and you’re ready to get support to have a breakthrough.
  • You want to claim your autonomy and agency and take control of the direction of your life.
  • You’re ready to believe that YOUR answer is the only one you need to trust and take action on fully.


  • Break free from the rut, making a bold change in your marriage
  • Take charge of what lies ahead with courage and strength
  • Embrace the freedom of acceptance, letting go of blame, guilt, and shame
  • Strengthen your connection with your kids by making empowered choices
  • Boost your self-esteem, self-respect, and self-love
  • Handle intense emotions like a pro, making talks and conflicts smoother
  • Rebuild trust and revive intimacy
  • Breathe easy as love becomes real once more
  • Stride confidently into the next empowering chapter of life
  • Open the door to a future full of joy, deeper connections, and renewed love.


Being stuck in a marriage that you are not sure you want to be in is lonely. It’s an exhausting, boring loop of indecision which means the inner peace you long for eludes you.

As the disconnection and space between you and your partner deepen, it impacts you and hurts the relationship. And as you struggle to decide, you’re probably also feeling negated, anxious, confused, and maybe scared. You’re a human being with integrity, and these are all normal emotions to experience.

You want clarity to know that you will make a decision and the confidence to know that it’s the right decision for you. 

But moments of clarity disappear and are challenging to retrieve.

You’ve been together a long time. There’s a lot on the line. And now, even though you’re constantly treading on eggshells and feel like you’re living a lie, making a decision fills you with terror.

If you leave, you’re unsure whether you’ll regret the decision. Maybe you worry about your children, their future and what change means for your relationship with them. But if you stay, you’re scared that you will miss the opportunity to discover who you are in the world and the chance to feel truly loved.

The burden of the responsibility weighs heavy.

If this all sounds familiar, you’re in the right place.

You’ve been together a long time. And now, even though you’re constantly treading on eggshells and feel like you’re living a lie.

Relationship Tablet With Words Decide To Do What Makes You Happy -Clarity and Confidence Coaching- Sandra Harewood


Lists of pros and cons aren’t always helpful when deciding on marriage because this isn’t a thinking thing. Thoughts are Ego and persona-driven. These parts don’t reflect your Whole-Self, with its complexity, strengths and limitations—something’s missing.

Whole Self to Whole Self. 

Here’s the secret. 

Indecision loses its grip when you make your relationship with YOURSELF the #1 priority.

The answer is within YOU.

Reconnecting with all of you who you are, not just who you have become in your marriage or how others think you should be or how you have gotten used to being, you stop settling and create a life that matches your ideal vision, whether that’s staying in the current relationship or deciding to go. 

As you develop a bigger view of who you are and connect to your autonomy, vulnerability and your life’s purpose, the decision gets easier. 

Whether you decide to stay or leave, it’s a decision you can make with minimal regret, one you get to look back with pride and a choice that becomes the platform for the transformation of your life and relationships and love.

The key is Shadow Work – the missing part.  This transformational process will get you to the root of what’s been holding you back, so you can step into a more authentic and powerful version of yourself.


Based on Jungian Psychology, Neuroscience and Eastern Wisdom, the Creative Mind Method provides a more profound transformational experience to help improve the relationship with yourself, break free of past patterns and take responsibility for your own choices and decisions.

Set up a Clarity Call by clicking the button below. We’ll spend 30 minutes on the phone to say hello. I’ll ask you some questions, and through our call, we’ll decide the best way forward for you.

Because I value your journey, I only accept clients I know I can help. If we both feel that private coaching is the best option for your growth, and I believe I can help you on your journey, I’ll invite you to a personal coaching agreement.


  • 12 one-hour private coaching calls.
  • Access to my private calendar to book your coaching calls.
  • Access to me via email between sessions for extra support, accountability, or general questions.
  • Access to my library of resources specifically designed for your growth and evolution. 
  • Jungian Psychology & Shadow Work for Deeper Transformation
  • Bespoke meditations and visualizations
  • Creative ways to access the unconscious, such as dream analysis.

I am an expert in relationships, separation, and divorce, so I can support you in whatever you decide to do by helping you to remember that you are whole and a source of infinite wisdom, an expert in yourself.

A Woman Blowing Bubbles - How Playfulness Can Help Improve Your Relationship - Sandra Harewood Counselling


If you’re finally done with letting your life pass you by while you’re stuck in limbo-land because you’re neither happily married nor satisfied and divorced, now is the time to decide on yourself. Get the support you need to gain clarity and confidence. It’s time to step out of indecision and unhappiness, whether that’s recommitting and doing the work to save the marriage or leaving.

It doesn’t have to take years to make a decision and be happy.

Your next best step is calling you. Click the button below to get started.