Relationship Support For Women

  • Authencity, Clarity & Empowerment

Our Relationships Matter.

Being stuck in that liminal space, ambivalent about being in love, upset and confused and not knowing what to do, is a lonely place to be.

That’s why I provide specially tailored coaching and counselling to meet your specific needs.


Reading Glasses On A Journal - Clarity - Sandra Harewood Counselling

Relationship Clarity & Confidence

This 6-month bespoke online coaching programme is for women who are done with indecision and want to make an empowered decision about the future of their marriage with dignity, grace and trust in the integrity of their inner truth.

Can you imagine when you’ve not stuck anymore and finally decided on your marriage, walking the path to your happiness but not sure how to get there?  If the answer is YES, connect with me in a clarity call to see how we could work together.

This innovative 6-month coaching programme would help you get the clarity to take the next steps confidently. 

Individual Relationship Counselling

You don’t have to be in couples therapy to work on your relationship.

If your partner is reluctant, you may choose to have therapy alone.

Our most intimate relationship will always be with ourselves, but we often neglect it the most. 

What’s also true is that you cannot divorce yourself. 

No one can know you and understand your needs until you do. Whether you’re single and looking for insight into how you can better relate or in a relationship and want to work on yourself first, this is the option for you.