• Coaching & Counselling For Women In Relationships On The Brink

    Helping women & couples at a crossroads in their marriage decide how to stay or leave.



End marriage uncertainty and embrace a joyful, fulfilling life and relationships.

Support For Women

Reconnect with your inner wisdom and strengths while developing a toolbox for coping as you find the deeper meaning of your relationship struggles. You’ll confidently make the hard decisions about your options for divorce, separation or recommitment and take empowered steps, whether you decide to stay or leave.

Support For Couples

Finally, de-code what you are really saying to each other. Couple counselling and coaching for couples whose relationship is on the brink and who want clarity and confidence. This threshold can be the beginning of a more profound transformation and experience of deeper connection in this relationship or, if you decide, in future ones.


Something doesn’t feel right, and it hasn’t for a while.

You wanted this relationship to work. You thought you had found your soul mate, someone who was attentive and wanted the same things you did.   Now you’re not sure.  The relationship is on the brink. Something has changed. You drop hints to friends and family because other people’s opinion matters to you. Some think you’re the perfect couple, and others can’t understand why you stay.   In the meantime, while you try to figure things out, familiar voices kick in.

  • Guilt keeps you people-pleasing.
  • Anxiety stops your breathing because you’re treading on eggshells
  • Shame tells you that you’re a terrible person to feel angry
  • Enjoyable sex is for people who live on the planet Jupiter
  • Your Inner Critic listens to any judgment or blame
  • Perfectionism means you try harder
  • Confusion makes it hard to concentrate and believe in yourself.
  • ‘I’m done, I want a divorce!’

You’re unsure whether your partner is controlling, and your feelings are a response to controlling behaviour. After so long, and now you are in midlife, you’re unsure whether you should stay or leave.

What if you have more control and agency than you think?

My services are designed to meet you exactly where you are, whether you are actively considering the separation or divorce process or want to recommit. The result of working with me is clarity, calmness and the courage to take the next step.


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Quiz: Is it time to leave your relationship?

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Supporting Women and Couples to Create Better Relationships

I’m an experienced UKCP, and BACP registered psychotherapeutic counsellor, couple therapist and Jungian life coach with over 13 years experience working with marriage, relationships and divorce.

Our intimate partner relationships are important.  Perhaps the most important. 

Uncertainty about the future can create confusion and leave you feeling disappointed, exhausted, scared and sick to your very core. 

The crossroad is a painful place. 

I support women and couples in a crisis and at a crossroads in their relationship to know what to do and how to do it, whether to recommit to the marriage or relationship or let go and move on with grace.

Read more about Sandra.


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