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How Self-Awareness Strengthens Your Marriage

Self-awareness has relational healing power.

We clean the windscreen and see more clearly.

Relationships – the teaching ground of awareness

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When you have excellent self-awareness, meaningful communication becomes effortless.

3 Ways self-awareness can improve your marriage

  1. Empathy and understanding

    In-depth knowledge of yourself enables you to cultivate a profound empathy and understanding towards your partner.

    When we accept ourselves, we’re more likely to embrace others. The better we understand ourselves, the better we become at being sensitive to the emotions and the experiences of others. You recognise their triggers, biases and limitations.

    The scars of your wounds become the healing balm for your partner’s wounds. With this in mind, disagreements or conflicts have the potential for moments of healing, compassion and growth.

    Self-awareness allows you to take things less personally, step into your partner’s shoes, acknowledge their perspective, and find common ground to strengthen your relationship.

  2. You can say sorry and mean it.

    Many people fear apologising because they feel criticised, judged and blamed and have done nothing wrong. In reality, such defensiveness is likely because they are triggered and, instead of being able to see the situation objectively, are caught in hurt.

    Others quickly offer apologies and inappropriately accept responsibility for the same reasons. With self-awareness, you create space between what your partner is saying, how you respond, and what thoughts come up when you feel judged. Perhaps you feel attacked or unfairly treated.

    It is easy to think that your partner is attacking you and confuse, ‘I feel you always put your friends first.’ with ‘You’re disloyal!’ So what is true when you’ve rearranged date night with your spouse so you can meet up with a friend?

    Can your partner express their hurt without you judging yourself or feeling attacked? There may be a part of you that is averse to commitment. What would that feel like to recognise? 

    When we know ourselves, we notice the telltale signs of defensiveness and can acknowledge how we show up without the defensive barriers. We say sorry and mean it.


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As you strengthen your self-awareness, you improve your marriage.

How to develop self-awareness and make your relationship last

Here are some valuable ways to develop self-consciousness.


Working with a therapist will help you better understand your origin story and how that shapes how you show up in your relationship.


Working with a coach will help you better understand unseen parts of your personality and hidden beliefs that create the results you are experiencing in your relationship.


Mindfulness allows you to check in with yourself. You become the observer of your inner world. With simple mindfulness practices, you will know how your body and mind interact to shape your actions. The more in tune, you are with yourself, the more you will notice whether you are reacting or responding in certain situations. This is a great way to improve your self-awareness skills whilst strengthening your marriage.


One of my favourites. Our unconscious comes alive at night when we sleep. Dream images reveal our Shadow parts and how we feel about situations we might not know.

When you dream about another person, the dream isn’t necessarily telling you about them but rather an aspect of yourself. Even objects and animals are representations of your inner world.

Consider what these images mean instead of referring to an online dream dictionary. That will give you the information you need to interpret your dream.

If you dream of an old sofa, what comes to mind? Is it worn but cared for like a prized possession, or is it battered? Maybe the sofa was used with little care, like a dumping ground. In this case, the dreamer might feel neglected by her partner and family daily. Equally, she may not take responsibility for their life and not practise self-care while insisting she is okay and feeling resentful.

Keep a journal and write down your dreams.

Pay attention to yourself-talk

We talk to ourselves constantly, so notice what you say. You can make some notes in a journal. If you catch yourself saying things like ‘I was stupid.‘ there may be underlying self-esteem issues or negative self-beliefs.

These negative beliefs can be projected onto your partner, i.e. you see it in them and not yourself. Once you know this, you can reframe your inner conversation to include positive affirmations to increase self-confidence and self-esteem. You can also change how you relate to your partner.

Accepting Feedback

Learning to differentiate constructive feedback from shaming criticism is essential. Becoming self-aware involves understanding how others see us. Ask a trusted friend to give you 360 feedback. An intimate experience would be to do this with your partner.

Self-awareness is knowing our inner world and understanding how you show up, which determines how others, especially your partner, see you. So in this way, feedback is essential.

Conscious and responsible love requires self-awareness.

Self-awareness is essential in relationships because it cultivates empathy, a growth mindset and resilience.

Consciousness about our inner world and understanding how you up opens the door to growing together with your partner and creating a healing environment where you feel safe sharing and vulnerable with each other.

Self-awareness is a lifelong journey that can constantly amaze us if we fully embrace it.

Get to know yourself and see how self-awareness strengthens your marriage which deepens as you grow.

Over To You

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