Married heterosexuial couple having a serios conversation

12 Steps to Handle Conflict and Help Improve Your Relationship.

Joy and pain are perhaps the opposite sides of the same emotional coin.

I am reminded of the song by Frankie Beverly & Maze, equating these emotions to the weather, much like it has been over the past few days: glorious sunshine in the crisp winter air followed by unexpected thunderous rain. Read more

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How Self-Awareness Strengthens Your Marriage

how to communicate better in a relationship - Black heterosexual couple hugging and smiling - Sandra Harewood Counselling

How To Communicate Better In A Relationship

Effective communication is the key to any healthy relationship, but it’s not always easy, and couples understandably want to know how to communicate better with each other. Read more

Female Lego Toy In Glass Container With Male Lego Toy The Other Side of The Glasswork Looking In - How To Stay Connected When Social Isolating COVID19 - Sandra Harewood Counselling

How To Stay Connected When Self-Isolating In Trying Times

The world has changed in a couple of weeks.

Less than a month ago, I was happy shaking hands with acquaintances. I was feeling comfortable travelling on a busy bus interacting with strangers and enjoying a conversation with the sales assistant inside the supermarket. Read more

Box of Coloured Eggs With Painted Faces - Verbal Abuse: When The Joke Just Isn't Funny - Sandra Harewood Counselling

Verbal Abuse: When The Joke Just Isn’t Funny


Many people assume that verbal abuse is just about swearing.  And some go one step further by thinking that swearing is only abusive if it’s attached to name-calling. If they didn’t call you an #@$%ing [insert], then they haven’t been abusive. Read more