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7 Easy Ways To Be Mindful Daily Without Meditating


Last time I wrote about 7 Ways Why Mindfulness Can Make You A Better Lover.  If you missed part one of the series of click here to read that now.

Mindfulness is a wonderful meditation practice which helps integrate your mind, body and soul. What you cultivate with mindfulness is  ‘presence’.  You become aware of what is happening as it is happening.  And what’s amazing about that, is your brain and body become more connected with other peoples.

We live in a relational world, so being mindful is an indispensable tool when looking to develop deeper, loving connections with your partner, friends and loved ones.

7 Easy Ways To be Mindful

We can all learn to be more present and mindful.  Here are 7 easy ways you can practice mindfulness every day:

1.  Pay Attention To Your Breath

Make your first-morning breath a mindful one.  When you wake up, before doing anything else lay still and bring your attention to your breath. Simply inhale and exhale. Breathe deeply and slowly paying full attention to what you are doing.  When your mind wanders just bring it back to your breath. Repeat the cycle five times.

2.  Take a Mindful Shower

Incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life by paying closer attention to your daily activities as you’re doing them, for example taking a shower.

In the shower notice the feel of the water against your skin.  What difference is there in the sound of the water coming out of the shower head when it makes contact with your skin and then hits the shower tray?  How does your soap smell? What do you notice about your body temperature and your breathing?

You can apply the same principle to washing the dishes, making a cup of tea, brushing your teeth, shopping or working at your computer.

3. Savour Your Food

Eating without mindfulness is what most of us do on a daily basis.  Mindful eating leads to a better eating experience.  Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn, a leader in the field of mindfulness and meditation, popularized the Raisin Eating Exercise as a way of practising mindful eating.  It’s basically a way of bringing awareness of all the senses to eating a raisin.

You can apply this technique to all your meals.  Sit quietly and eat your meal without the distraction of your mobile phone or any other screens.

Bring attention to what your food looks like, how it smells and tastes.  Slow down and notice what you are eating and drinking. Depending on the food, what does it feel like in the hand to touch?  What is the texture like in your mouth?  And perhaps notice the sensations of chewing and swallowing. Treat each meal as if it were your last.

4.  Take A Random Walk

Take a walk with having absolutely nowhere to go and no destination in mind!  This can be an excellent way to quieten your thoughts.

Get out into nature and begin to walk slightly slower than you usually do.  Breathe naturally and fully noticing the air entering and leaving the body.  Notice the air on your face and the sensation of your feet making contact with the ground.  Try and keep your attention on these sensations and if your mind wanders just gently bring your attention back to your breath and your feet making contact with the ground.

5. Ignore The Mobile

Resist the temptation to answer your phone or to respond to that text message straight away. Notice your impulses.

6.  Daydream

Let your mind wander. Use your imagination! Enjoy your visions. Mindfulness is not about stopping your thoughts; it’s about noticing them.

7.  Take Time For A Bedtime Reflection

Take 15 minutes in silence at the end of the day to reflect. What went well?  What would you have done differently?  Is there anything you want to give more attention?  You might want to make notes or draw images of what comes up for you.  Then allow yourself to let go.

Over To You

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