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Recognise It! What You Should Know About Narcissistic Abuse [Infographic]


How do you know if your relationship is abusive?

Are you simply two people who get triggered and can’t figure it out sometimes?  That wouldn’t be uncommon.  Maybe you feel guilty because you’ve not shown up as you best self.  And we all do things at times we regret. Read more

Frightened woman with her arm outstretched with the word stop written on her hand. The Honest Truth About Your Partner's Anger Issues. Sandra Harewood Counselling

The Honest Truth About Your Partner’s Anger Issues


What we have called anger may be abuse – David Richo

You can usually tell when someone is angry. It’s visceral. A raised voice, trembling, fidgeting, fast speech, heavy breathing, the furrowed brow, the clenched hand or maybe flared nostrils. But equally, it can be the opposite. Silence or sudden disappearance.

Often couples come to counselling naming a problem with anger in the relationship, anticipating that better communication and anger management skills would help solve the problem of endless conflict.

The problem is, however, that abuse and anger look similar. Read more