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3 Quotes For The New Year To Achieve The 2018 You Want


Welcome to the New Year and a new chapter in your life!

What are you hoping for in 2018 that would be your opening line?

I know for some that ‘hope’ is a tricky word as it challenges you to permit yourself to have desires, wild dreams and wishes.  And much more than that, to know that the possibilities you would love to experience in life can manifest.  You know you want something to happen, but you don’t claim the possibility that it will.

So if hope is challenging for you, and even if it isn’t, here are three great inspirational quotes for the New Year to connect you with what is within your gift to make possible. They’ll get you thinking about what you can take control of in your life, to create an experience which fully harnesses’ all of you in 2018. 


3 Quotes For The New Year


1.  ‘Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.’  William James

For me, this is a big statement because, in every moment of your life, you do make a difference. It’s not just those important acts that would be hard for anyone not to see. It’s the simple and ordinary things that are equally as miraculous.

Image Quote - Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.' Sandra Harewood Counselling

Think about it; even your breath makes a difference to the world. Without it, there would be no life, because plants need the carbon dioxide you breathe out to live. Yes, it’s a mutual arrangement, you need something from them too, but you are an essential part of supporting all living things.

At other times you may see the difference you make. Perhaps the smile on the face of a colleague when you’ve said thank you or the ripple effect of a simple act of generosity such as a donation to a charity.  Perhaps you are cycling or walk to work reducing environmental pollution. These things save lives.

And if you’ve taken the brave step to have counselling to try and understand your life’s patterns or difficulties in your relationship, that makes a huge difference too.  There’s good evidence that intergenerational trauma and co-dependency patterns are passed from generation to generation.  What you do to break the cycle will make a difference to the lives of your children, grandchildren and future generations.  You may also be helping to heal the wounds of your ancestors.

Today, my invitation to you is to believe that, however small, what you do makes a difference. Take a deep breath, connect with this and know it as part of your deeper truth.  The way you choose to act makes a difference to your life.

2.  ‘Have the courage to be imperfect.’ Alfred Alder

 Image Quote - Have the courage to be imperfect.' - Sandra Harewood Counselling

Some time ago, when travelling on the London Underground, I noticed an ad for the dating agency match.com. The tagline was Love Your Imperfections. Wow! Alfred Alder died in 1937, and at times it feels that as a society we are still struggling with what it means not to be perfect.

Trying to be perfect is exhausting. Being imperfect takes a lot of courage, but has many rewards. Brene Brown writes about this soulfully in her book The Gift of Imperfection.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be the best you can be or doing the best you can. But if you’re continually striving for the unobtainable illusion of perfection you can be left feeling exhausted, like a failure and prone to depression.

This year what would it be like to have the courage to be imperfect?

3.  ‘We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them.’  Albert Einstein

Image Quote - We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them - Sandra Harewood Counselling

For me, Einstein is talking about curiosity, reflection and opportunity. When you view your life through a different lens and rewrite your story, things can begin to feel very different. If you’re looking at the view from a ground floor window, you’ll have a very different perspective than if you’re looking out from the Penthouse Suite on the 50th.

If you need some help with creating a new perspective, practising gratitude is a great place to start. People who regularly practice gratitude experience positive emotions such as compassion and loving-kindness, sleep better and even have stronger immune systems. I know it works for me.

By taking the time to notice and reflect upon the things you’re thankful for you can rewire your brain and think differently.

The next time it’s raining, and you’re wet and cold practice gratitude.  Express thanks for the rain that nurtures the flowers and the abundance of clean water that you are blessed to have to drink. Have a go and see what a difference it makes.

Be Your Own Author

Although I do love inspirational quotes, it’s worth remembering that there’s an inspirational source of wisdom in us all waiting to be explored.  You have just as much knowledge as Oprah, Louise Hay, Martin Luther King Jnr, Thomas Moore or whoever it is that inspires you.

Tap into your inner wisdom and create an inspirational quote of your own, and better still decide to live by it.

Over to You

What’s your favourite inspirational quote and how does it get you back on track with your wellbeing?  Or when have your words inspired others?

If hope feels difficult and you want to explore new possibilities in your life get in touch and book your first counselling appointment.

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